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RIP Ernie Banks

Welcome to the Projects page.

This page explains all or most current projects

So if you were curious, this is where the answers are..

This site contains a wide vatiety of stuff from the vLot Project to the Revive project. So below I shall attempt to explain all or most of them.

The vLot project is dedicated to creating a small car dealership server/application that would let any small car dealer with a cable connection set up his/her own web server.

Stallons Used Cars is a live, real, site demo, that also happens to be a real car dealer.

Feeds2JS is a super simple to set-up and use RSS importer for your web site. Feel free to use my site if need be, but you can set this thing up on your site in less than 25 min.

About half of the ads you see on this site are displayed via Revive Adserver. A relatively easy to use mysql based server software that is easily set-up and quite handy.

My latest project is sort of a mutual learning experience. I call It Project 5, because it is my 5th project on this particular server. The site name is YourFreeWordPress.com, and it means exactly that. I will give you 1 gb of disk space to learn, play and possibly destroy my computer, as you learn WordPress. In addition I am going to provide forums and help and support for the for those who apply to get their own litte 1-gb server. Which, is actually about twice what you need to get started.

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